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How to be




and so everybody can relax totally, we ask the following:

  • The class will be held when three or more practitioners are present
  • Please register yourself legibly with each visit on the “sign in” list with your full name
  • Please leave your shoes at the entrance of the studio; we train barefoot


  • There should always be noble silence. Please close the door quietly
  • No mobiles
  • Valuables can be deposited in a locker
  • No shoes and flip-flops
  • Wear suitable yoga clothing out of consideration for the other yogis
  • Yoga mat and a big towel or skidless towel as a base are obligatory from a hygenic viewpoint. Both can be rented. Camping mats are not allowed from a hygenic viewpoint
  • To avoid confusion, we recommend labelling private mats with first names
  • Only drinks in PET bottles are allowed. No glass. No edibles or chewing gum
  • Please recycle PET bottles into the PET container
  • New students need to be in the last row. This applies also for beginner yoga practitioners who don’t know the Bikram series well and may practise altered positions. The ones in the front are examples/models
  • You can leave the room between exercises only in an emergency so you don’t disturb the concentration of the others. You can signal the teacher that everything is OK with eye contact
  • Please leave the rental mats on the floor after class so they can be disinfected


  • After an exhausting day you should shower before class. No perfume or strong smelling products to be used
  • Please dry on a shower mat to avoid wet floors
  • Please put rental towels into the laundry basket
  • Please don’t wash any mats or clothes in the shower
  • Only short shower; and leave cosmetics treatments for home

We thank you for your cooperation and wish you a fabulous yoga class.


Feel free to contact us in case you have any further questions:

043 243 35 80