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Bikram Yoga

is a series of 26 classic hatha yoga exercises that are practiced in a room with a tropical climate at

40°C and 40% humidity.

The world-famous yoga master Bikram Choudhury has selected the 26 most important poses from the 84 main poses of Hatha Yoga and put them in a sequence so that they build on each other and train your body, mind and soul and keep them in shape in 90 minutes.

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All joints are stretched on all four sides until they stop. A free space is created between the joints so that the synovial fluid washes around the entire cartilage, nourishes it and allows it to build up again. The internal organs and glands are pressed, stretched and activated to full capacity. Digestion is stimulated by massaging the intestines. Connective tissue and skin are tightened and you are amazed to see how fingernails and hair grow stronger. The nerve tracts get their place again and the brain can control the whole body without pressure points.


Think of our series of 26 asanas and two breathing exercises as physical meditation. The balance exercises on one leg strengthen your focus and concentration. The first breathing exercise brings your thoughts into the room. The single breath is the only thing that happens in the now. Everything else is either the past or the future. The goal of any meditation is to get into the here and now.


According to the teaching of the yogis, our soul is that part of us that is immortal. Many people have been carrying a heavy backpack since childhood, others load it up with their own life story. We carry this burden in our heart and it is stored deep in our body cells.

By sweating in Bikram Yoga and the chakra-opening exercises, you will soon recognize which problems you are facing. Your antennas receive good and bad energies. You begin to avoid the bad energies. You learn to let go and empty your backpack and you embark on a life path that makes you happy.


Bikram Yoga is equally challenging for everyone - for beginners as well as for advanced practitioners and can be practiced from the age of 11 until old age. No previous experience is necessary, you can start training with us at any time.


Our certified instructors will help you progress at your own pace.

As with any other goal in your life, you must be consistent and determined with Bikram Yoga to achieve the best results.


Each class is meant to be challenging. Your body will develop strength, flexibility and balance. Mentally you will develop concentration, patience, determination, confidence and discipline.


- regulates body weight
- strengthens the immune system
- strengthens all muscles, bones and joints
- enhances the flexibility of the spinal cord
- strengthens the back muscles
- enhances concentration and a clear mind
- a relaxing sleep
- reduces stress and tiredness
- enhances the posture
- keeps you young
- energises for everyday life

WHY 40°C?

Heat is an excellent therapeutic instrument for healing health issues. The old Greeks knew by heating up the body temperature, the immune system would be activated against infections.

Through heat this results in:

- body parts function smoothly and flexibly
- joints function to the full range of movement
- minimising of the danger of injuries
- elimination of toxins out of your body
- more relaxation and wellness
- stronger cardiovascular system
- better burning of calories


With Bikram Yoga the body is heated throughout, and this has an influence on a cellular level. An adult body consists of 160,000 km of blood capillaries which together are four times the circumference of the earth, and consists of 75 trillions cells.


Heat opens up the blood capillaries, more oxygen and blood reach the cells and therefore more toxins can be eliminated by sweating.


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