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 Bikram Yoga Zürich has been an owner-managed and independent yoga studio since its founding in January 2004 and has no business or economic relationship with an organization or the person of Bikram Choudhury.


We live in a time of numerous revelations of abuse by authority figures and people in positions of power over subordinates whose trust and good faith have been betrayed to the worst.

As a consequence of the allegations against Bikram Choudhury, the founder of Bikram Yoga, some yoga schools have now removed the word "Bikram" from both their company name and the description of the yoga series


We have been practicing this particular yoga method since 1999 and have been teaching it since 2004. We think that merely deleting a word changes little to nothing about the problems of abuse of power in our society, but rather the inappropriate attempt to get the truth out of the way.

There were and are great personalities in history who, on the one hand, performed brilliant achievements and inventions in science, art and culture, sport and economics, but failed in human terms.

The 90-minute Original Bikram Yoga Series (English: Bikram's Beginning Yoga Class) is a worldwide success story and is one of the most widely used yoga methods, which is deeply rooted in the classical yoga traditions of India. It is accessible to many people and has very high health benefits on many levels.

Bikram Yoga Zürich has made a name for itself nationwide as a protected place for all people, regardless of gender, skin color, ethnic / religious background or sexual orientation: Everyone is welcome to practice yoga.

Changing our name to Hot Yoga or the like does not fit the clear definition of the yoga series taught by us. The term hot yoga offers a lot of other yoga methods and exercises, which mostly differ greatly from our original method in terms of quality and effect.

We are convinced that with our completely from B. Chaudhury independent and never economically Yoga School under the name Bikram Yoga Zürich, we have been able to help many people significantly improve and maintain their quality of life.

We expressly condemn and dissociate ourselves from any form of abuse of power and sexual violence, and have great confidence in the relevant judicial organs that every allegation against B. Choudhury will be carefully investigated.



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