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You may have heard many amazing things about Bikram Yoga. It has a remarkable reputation for healing and making chronic illnesses disappear. The body's systems are regulated so that they function better again and an overall sense of well-being is achieved. Many of these claims sound far too good to be true.


With yogis who practice regularly, we have seen many "miracles". Some of our yogis have been able to avoid neck, back, hip and knee surgeries. Others, however, have been able to reduce or even stop taking painkillers and psychotropic drugs. After injuries and long physio, yogis get the finishing touches with us.


With Bikram yoga, you can not only shed excess pounds, but also sculpt your muscles. Many yogis report that, thanks to Bikram Yoga, they can better withstand periods of heat and are suddenly happier without any particular cause. Everyday life is mastered with a smile on the face and a feeling of deep satisfaction.



At the end of December 2015 I decided to reintegrate Bikram Yoga as an elementary leisure component. A few years ago it was already a component, but only as a training supplement. Unfortunately, my time-consuming professional life had not allowed such activities for several years. After I decided to reduce my life from "mega-focus job" to "work as a focus among many", Bikram Yoga had to be primarily integrated after the positive experiences so far. The usual ailments that set in from mid-thirties did the rest. I have had a bulging disc including lumbar facet syndrome (L4 S1) for over ten years. My lumbar spine causes me serious problems at regular intervals, which often radiate strongly into the sciatica, as the emerging intervertebral disc also affects this area. This only helps my hobby as a performance-oriented runner to a limited extent. After longer training sessions of 30 km or more, I could not walk properly for days because my back hurt, after a long ride I could only be lifted from the racing bike with the pulley;) The medical advice was so far only of limited use (surgery, etc.) .). If a doctor then only says: "Then you just have to let it go." ... what else can you think of it. I got help with medication in the form of injection therapies and tablets when it was no longer possible. In short: It is a very debilitating, extremely annoying clinical picture, which is always associated with the fear that it will get worse and, if possible, permanent restrictions could become a new companion in life. Therefore the decision to integrate yoga into the daily routine made sense, you have nothing to lose. However, overall expectations were not high.

I noticed early on that mobilization was taking place and general well-being was greatly improved. My favorite pose is the triangle because I noticed quite early on how my intervertebral discs were cracking very gently in various places and I found this feeling very liberating. There is always a very quiet crack, comparable to the bursting of very small air cushion film bubbles. This did not improve my back one hundred percent, but the pain became more local and I felt the individual pain points in more detail, which helped me to move more consciously. This in turn helped to make movements that were gentler, which I really liked. However, there were also minor setbacks. However, these were not half as restrictive and were overcome again more quickly without medication and the like so that you could at least cope with everyday life with only slight pain.

Then came day 18 of the Spring 2016 Yoga Challenge. On this day I had to sit down and therefore had the second unit in the evening and I assume that the body had already been prepared accordingly from the morning unit. In the triangular position, there was a blow in the lumbar spine at my neuralgic point relatively early. This time it wasn't bubble wrap but more of a blown tire. It shocked me very much and immediately lay down and initially had breathing problems and I thought that I would have to be brought out of here in a wheelchair. But the opposite happened. After a few seconds it was extremely pleasant, somehow liberating, and there was an immediate change in the chronic pain. This impression then manifested itself in the rest of the time of the unit. I immediately arranged for an appointment in the radiology department and lo and behold: There was nothing to be seen of the protruding bathroom pane, except that it was exactly where it belongs. In the following days the pain picture changed drastically and now, four weeks later, I can say that I am completely free of pain. The Zurich marathon ran without any problems, I can cycle without a pulley system and everything is better because my back is completely symptom-free. And the best of all: A few days ago, both my insurance company and my doctors gave me the green light that I can finally go skydiving again because it is now almost risk-free, at least due to my back. The prognosis of the healing now even says that the degenerated intervertebral disc could regenerate undisturbed in its current position. If that's not a great success!

The "secondary aspects" of the challenge should not reduce this, they were also outstanding. But the process described has led to a very lasting change.

Long live the yoga challenge and the Bikram Team Zurich, which is doing a fantastic job.

Picture from 07/06/2015 with protrusion:

Current picture without protrusion:


In October 2015 I had my first Bikram Yoga experience and was immediately enthusiastic. One is introduced carefully by the gracious and more experienced teachers. After three trial lessons, I decided to complete the 30-day challenge in November 2015. Neither too much nor too little is promised! Doing 90 minutes of Bikram Yoga daily for 30 days is a challenge and changes a lot - for the better, mentally and physically! I had severe whiplash and went to physiotherapy once or twice a week without any lasting improvement. In addition, my knees hurt when jogging. Quite apart from that, at the age of 53 I am or was in the combination of whiplash and knee problems correspondingly awkward. 

After the regular visit, both my pain in my neck and knees have disappeared and I am also getting better and better at the poses. Bikram Yoga strengthened and mobilized my body in such a way that I am now symptom-free, and because I continue to practice, I will stay. In addition, Bikram Yoga is meditation that helps to be mindful and more alert, to become more self-confident and to gain inner strength, to relax and to be more energetic - in short: sometimes you feel better all around and that in the shortest possible time!


I have had back problems again and again since my youth. Many of my friends recommended yoga to me, which I have tried a few times, but never really got excited about it.

Then I discovered Bikram Yoga. Actually, I only went there because it was so nice and warm there.

I enjoyed the warmth and also had no great demands on myself. After a couple of weeks I noticed increased flexibility. What I really didn't expect: my back improved sustainably by around 80%.

Then I had to interrupt my yoga practice again and at the moment I cannot practice Bikram yoga on a regular basis. My back never fell on the “pre-yoga stand” again (I used to crouch around for the first half hour in the morning).

It took a little patience, but every hour I attended was worth it. Thank you very much to the Bikram Yoga Team.


Today, many people spend countless hours in an office complaining about back problems. Obviously, I am one of those people too. Despite my healthy lifestyle (I regularly practice sports, swimming, fitness, biking, etc.), I needed something different for my physical and mental balance.

Bikram Yoga helps me achieve this balance! I got my health and wellness back. For me, Bikram Yoga is not just yoga. It gives me a full workout, stretching and most importantly, spine strengthening. In addition, Bikram Yoga helps me sleep much deeper and my immune system has become stronger.


I wish I hadn't only learned about Bikram Yoga four years ago, when I was 62. From the first lesson I was absolutely convinced of the effect.

As a former thoroughbred journalist, I have been traveling to all studios in Europe since my retirement and write about them on my blog I have now visited around 90 studios; Hopefully many will follow.

After my travels, I always return to my home studio in Zurich full of joy, where I like it most - from the studio and from the teachers!


As an airline crew member, I have irregular working hours and appreciate the wide range of Bikram yoga lessons, several times a day, seven days a week. There are also Bikram Yoga studios at practically all destinations.

Bikram Yoga is an extremely effective way of balancing work, a kind of recharging your batteries and helping you to "digest" time differences and sleep better.

Through Bikram Yoga I keep and improve my mobility and strengthen my muscles, especially for my back. The 90 minutes of Bikram Yoga are also good training for concentration and a good portion of meditation training.

I feel full of energy after every hour - and have been for more than ten years.


Even after my first Bikram yoga class in April 2010, I felt reborn, stretched and stretched and full of energy. I knew that I really wanted to integrate this into my everyday life. For me, who sits in front of the PC a lot in the office and trains strength and endurance quite regularly, Bikram Yoga is the ideal addition.

Since then I have attended over 1000 lessons in Bikram Yoga Zurich as well as a 6-week yoga challenge and I am still thrilled.

​I can really switch off during the 90 minute sweat in the yoga room. The heat and the constant guidance of the yoga teacher make it easier for me not to brood over the topics that concern me, but to be in the moment. Amazingly, during yoga I still come up with lightning ideas and answers to open questions, which I then immediately put into practice.

After yoga, the stress of everyday life is gone and if I've been annoyed about something, I'm completely relaxed again after such a sweaty session. My body feels like all internal organs have been massaged and cleaned. Above all, this helps my digestion. Furthermore, I just feel grounded and cleansed again after Bikram Yoga. Bikram Yoga cheers me up, especially on days when I feel less well. In addition, after yoga, I am fully energized and mentally fit.

Since I've been practicing Bikram Yoga, I've been much more flexible and balanced. My body awareness and posture have also improved. These are all reasons why I can warmly recommend Bikram Yoga to everyone.

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