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Online reservation desired, helps for faster check-in at the FrontDesk.

Our classes can also be attended without prior reservation, but we do not guarantee any free places.

Thank you for your understanding.

Book Here
  • On your first visit we will open a customer profile to manage your memberships.

  • Payments for memberships can be made online or at the FrontDesk.

  • Reservations can be cancelled no later than 5 minutes before the start of the class using the Eversports online booking system.

  • Persons who make a reservation and then do not show up, or regularly make late cancellations, lose the right to make more than one future reservation.

To book classes with us online

Simply click on the respective class and reserve a place in our HotRoom.

If you have not activated your Online-Eversports profile yet, please go to and log in with the E-Mail registered with us,
which you gave us when you registered.

 If you want to cancel a booked class

Log in - click on your name in the top

right corner

then my bookings - there you see your past and future bookings and can undo accordingly.

Booking Rule

Only 3 online bookings can be pre-booked

That means, only when one of them has been used, the next yoga class can be booked

For new customers

Please arrive no later than 20 minutes before class, to leave enough time for your registration and instruction about the procedure in our Bikram Yoga Studio.

Door opening is 30 minutes

before each class.


 Hustle and yoga do not mix. Door closing time is 5 min before each lesson.

As ALL our classes start on time, the last entry is no later than 5 minutes before the beginning.


 Your fellow Yogis will be grateful.

If you have any further questions about reservations and bookings, you can call us at any time: 

043 243 35 80